Defective Hip Replacement System Manufacturers

Defective Hip Replacement System Manufacturers

There are quite a few different types of hip replacement systems that have failed as the result of defective design or manufacture, including many metal-on-metal hip replacement systems. These medical devices have been manufactured by a number of different companies, including:

Biomet – Manufacturer of hip replacement systems that have had dangerous health consequences for some patients, including the M2a Magnum;

Johnson & Johnson – This is the manufacturer of the DePuy ASR XL acetabular hip implant device and Pinnacle system, which are the subjects of extensive litigation;

Smith & Nephew –  Birmingham BHR hip replacement  & R3 Acetabular systems;

Stryker – Hip implant systems manufactured by Stryker have failed upon implantation in the body, including the ABG IIand Rejuvenate;

Wright Medical – Manufactured the Medical Pro Femur and Conserve Plus. In addition to hip replacement failure or defects impacting mobility, there has been corrosion of the metal components, leading to serious problems as the result of metal poisoning (called metallosis);

Zimmer Holdings – This manufacturer has recalled medical devices marketed under the Durom label because of problems with the cup surface in their hip implant systems. It is important for medical manufacturing companies to continue to strive for improvements in the devices that promote better quality of life for the individuals who receive them. Unfortunately, the rush to the next great thing has led to hip replacement systems that fail and lead to great suffering for the patients in which these medical devices are implanted. Many patients endure constant pain while others must suffer from the physical stress of another surgery in order to replace the failing hip replacement system.

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