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When you are about to be pulled over after you have been drinking, it is natural to fear that you will be arrested for DUI | OVI, which could have a profound impact on your future. Similarly, if you lose a family breadwinner in a fatal car accident, you might be unsure how to continue paying your mortgage or your kid’s college tuition while coping with grief from the death of a loved one. Cleveland attorney Joel A. Nash understands these concerns, so he represents his clients with diligence and compassion. Mr. Nash also is dedicated to demystifying the legal process by promptly returning calls or email and providing reasonable updates regarding the progress of his clients’ case.

Mr. Nash has handled hundreds upon hundreds of cases involving serious injuries and DUI | OVI cases while representing clients over a twenty year period. Mr. Nash draws on this extensive experience to craft innovative legal strategies. He engages in a careful analysis of the law and facts, so he can provide the most effective representation for his clients. Our Cuyahoga personal injury law firm handles a broad spectrum of cases including:

Personal Injury (Civil Cases)

Car Accident Lawsuits: If you are injured in an auto accident caused by a negligent driver, you might have a right to financial compensation for lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, disability, diminished quality of life, loss of consortium, funeral/burial expenses and/or punitive damages. Negligent conduct that might cause a car accident includes violations of traffic safety laws and other unsafe driving practices. Violation of traffic safety laws can constitute negligence per se and make it easier to prevail in a car accident lawsuit.

Motorcycle Accidents: Motorcycles offer limited stability and protection to riders. Two-wheeled vehicles are more inclined to be involved in an accident because they are prone to tip when the rider is forced to engage in emergency evasive action. Riders also are more likely to suffer severe injury because they lack the safety features associated with passenger cars, such as seat belts, air bags and a protective metal frame. The relatively high probability of crashes and severe injury associated with motorcycle crashes makes it imperative that you work with an experienced motorcycle crash lawyer. Mr. Nash uses his experience to navigate the special issues involved in motorcycle accidents. For example, the severe injuries suffered in motorcycle collisions mean that the initial police report is based on only one-side of the accident.

Pedestrian Accidents: Although drivers are expected to exercise reasonable care to avoid hitting pedestrians, insurance companies routinely defend these cases by blaming the pedestrian for causing the accident. Kids are the most common injury victims in pedestrian accidents because they lack the maturity and experience to fully appreciate the danger posed by approaching vehicles or to judge speed and distance. Because insurance companies routinely assert the defense of comparative negligence of the plaintiff in these cases, you will want an attorney who understands how to effectively refute such claims.

Trucking Accident Attorney: Many people view trucking accidents as “car accidents involving an extremely large vehicle.” However, this characterization grossly misrepresents the complexity of tractor-trailer accident cases. Litigation involving big-rig collisions requires attorneys specialized in this special type of motor vehicle claim. Mr. Nash possesses extensive experience with the complex matrix of federal and state laws, regulations and industry standards that often constitute the basis for negligence in trucking cases. Our experience handling trucking accident claims in Northern Ohio means that we also know how to cope with common tactics used by trucking companies to hide or manipulate critical evidence.

Product Liability Claims: When suing a large corporation because their product caused life-altering injuries or wrongful death, the law firm that represents you must have thorough familiarity with product liability law. Our Ohio product liability law firm frequently works with experts who have technical experience in the relevant industry. Because Mr. Nash has been representing clients for over 20 years, he is comfortable taking on large corporations armed with massive litigation war chests.

DUI-OVI-DUS (Criminal Cases)

If you are charged with OVI (formerly “DUI”) in Cuyahoga County, your reputation, liberty and future can hang in the balance. Mr. Nash is firmly committed to the presumption of innocence. He has handled hundreds of OVI cases, so he has experience identifying weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case. These weaknesses might involve unlawful police conduct, faulty field sobriety or chemical testing or inaccurate testimony by the arresting officer. Our law firm is prepared to seek a dismissal, acquittal or favorable plea agreement.

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